Server Rules
These rules are for the Minecraft Server. Make sure to read the Forum Rules.

  1. No Griefing, Raiding, or Stealing
  2. No Hacking, Glitching, or Cheating
  3. No Spamming or Advertising
  4. No Racism or Sexism
  5. No Trolling
  6. Respect All Players and Staff
  7. Agree to PvP before combat (Dueling)
  8. Do not impersonate Staff or any other Player
  9. Do not ask for Ranks, Permissions, or Items
  10. Avoid using ALL CAPS

Common Courtesies
  • Replant trees you break.
  • Don't leave partial, un-broken trees.
  • Replant any harvested / destroyed crops.
  • Don't destroy farmland.
  • Avoid making 1x1 towers.