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Spam Emails - CoolV1994 - 12-28-2018

Hello everyone.
It has come to my attention that spammers have been using my domain name ( to send fake emails to random people including myself.
I would like to announce that these emails are completely fake.
Some scammer somewhere is spoofing the sender and recipients email addresses to make it appear that these emails are coming from my server. They are not.
The GawdScape servers are secure and have NOT been hacked.
The spammers are just faking the emails to make it look like they have.
If you get one of these emails, please do not open it and delete it immediately. If you do open it, do not click any links or allow it to show images.
It is extremely unlikely that you would get one of these emails, especially because your emails are kept private and not publicly available to anywhere on the site.
However I have been getting emails that are supposedly sent from me so I figured I should make this announcement to address any potential concerns for this issue.

How do I know if a GawdScape email is legit?
If you get an email from GawdScape, it is usually an automated notification message from the forums.
If an email is sent from one of the staff or myself, there will be a signature at the end of the email that'll have the name of the staff member that wrote that message.

If you do get a suspicious looking email from GawdScape, please contact me and let me know.
You can private message me on the forums or contact me via email.

Thanks for reading this announcement.
Sorry for any potential inconvenience these scammers may potentially cause.