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Diary - Post your progress, discoveries, coordinates of biomes, spawner, villages etc

As the title says hehe.
I ll start. Please be patient with my english o0 I come from outer world Tongue

Day 1
Tried to leave one of the rings at the spawn, dared to jump and try to hit water. Failed, died. Respawn somewhere inside that huge building, thats covered in vines.. Outside i see the dangerous jungle waiting for me. At least i wont have a problem to get wood Rolleyes 

Finally found a way out of it the castle-thing and immediatly find a village in the plains. Villagers seem to be friendly and want to trade, but i got nothing for them yet.
Exclamation  village in the plains: 95 // 66 // -680     (will be always xyz)

Decided to head north, if i am settled up, have enough food and some iron to protect my weak body. I dont know, built myself a shield, which i never use, because it blocks my sight.
Found a good flat area where i am going to build some kind of "basic camp" for me and other new adventurer. First it will be a small farm with most common crops, animal breeding area and eventually a "museum" where we can collect a stock of seeds or even animals. Something like a noahs ark...
This will be the place to come "home" and refill my supplies. I can stay there for some days, do some farming, relax and fishing at the nearby pond.

For the future this can be a meeting hub, with factories for breeding or so.. but hmmm. If i have to conquer this world all by myself, i d rather just go further and further to the north and build waypoints. Lets see what this world has to offer !!

Yeah down to earth again.. tz factories.. am i crazy? .. I start a hut out of dirt between to mountains nearby the village. Good for me, villagers have many fields, i steal some seeds Big Grin 
Next days i run around, checking the surroundings, also searching for a cave with a mine. Found a nearby desert and river biome. Also rather north side to the spawn is Savanna and SavannaPlateau

So many animals running around here.. should really start catching some instead of just killing and eating them. Needs more wood for fence Sad

Day 2
I come back to my little hut and... i cant believe my eyes. There is suddenly a huge bridge between the mountains :o Did this just drop out of the sky last night? Witchery? Also a pink-ish castle appeard and a half finished building. All include materials i never saw before Huh  After recovering from the shock, i start farming, get chickens, more wood and so on.
There is also a "police phone box" in that village now :o very strange.. ^^ and what seems to be 100ds of creepers around here. I manage to kill some, but more witchery, their explosions dont damage anything, but me and zombies.

An enderman appears.

First i thought its a shadow of a tree, but it moved. So i did what a friend told me to do, if i really want to fight those weird creatures: stand under a 2 meter high roof. "They cant hit you then", he said. Man was he wrong. I tried to flee from the ender, but in the end he got me. Naked and with no food i spawned in the middle of this huge castle in the jungle. Hurried to go back to that place were I lost all my things (because i wasnt smart enough to put most of it into a chest). Just with bare hands and feet i manage to get through the dark jungle and even find my stuff. Sleepy  Time to rest... if my heart stops beating so loud and fast.

Beside that, i make some progress, farm is growing. Found another village:
Exclamation  village nearby spawn: (ups, didnt wrote it down.. might update that later, if i find it again..)

Searched again for a good mine to get more iron. Found a skeleton spawner, fortunatly no skeleton nearby, secured it for later to build a trap to get the arrows. Bonemeal isnt that bad either...
Exclamation Skeleton Spawner: -30  // 62 // -167

So this was it for today. I ll try to regularly write. Shouldnt use so many words.. ^^

!!! this is outdated. server has restarted.

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