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GawdScape 1.13 and Plans
Currently the server is still version 1.12.
We plan to update the server to Minecraft 1.13 soon.
We may have to do a world reset in order to update the server.
If a world reset is necessary I will be copying over everyone's builds and items to the new world.
You will need to post the coordinates of your builds to the forums in order to have your things copied.
If you do not post your build locations I will not be able to copy them as I will not know where they are located.
When the update is complete I plan to open the shops and get the server set up like it was back in the later 1.7/1.8 times.
This means fully functioning shops, economy, creative server with plots, cross-server chat, teleporting, warps, etc.
I also plan to bring back the Gawd and Gawd X tier items as well as some new tiers of Gawd items.
After the update we will start advertising the server again in an effort to rebuild the community and get people online and playing again.
Around this time I have hopes to get another dedicated server so that we can host at least 60-100 people on the network without any potential for lag.
I will also be doing some updates to the forums and website to make things more user friendly and add some server integration to the website.
That will include fixing the high scores section, voting and vote rewards, donations and the donation shop, and posting documentation of the plugins and features of the server.
Some of these updates will take a bit of time to complete but if you have played GawdScape in the older days, I hope to recreate that experience and expand on that with the new features of newer versions of Minecraft.
Thank you all for your patience with the updates and I hope you all enjoy the upcoming updates.

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