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New Player Guide
Note: This guide needs updated, please check back later for updated information.

  1. First Steps // Days at Gawd
  2. Register at Forum
  3. Some days later // further infos
  4. Useful commands
  5. Links within Forum // Useful Threads

1. Its about YOU! Your land, your stuff etc.
So you start at GawdScape at the spawn-point-city. When you head to southeast direction you see 2 banners with information about rules, there you can also claim your "starter kit".

This kit also includes a book with info about commands, you should read it  Smile

To find an area to start you can use:
- the command /randomtp or you
- just walk out of the spawn area and start building there
- OR you find a player that invites you to build near his house/area… Its better together, because: beware, this Server runs on HARD DIFFICULTY!! Creepers will blow up you, but no blocks (at least something Smile , you dont have to fix the holes).

Once you have built your first hut, you can claim it with fenceprotect (see ingame help or the instructions book). Also: Help: Land Claims & Protections

You can protect your chests with a sign (just right-click with a sign in your hand on a chest, for more info see "useful commands" lockettepro).

Although its about you, please remember you are not the only person on this cube. If you stumble over another ones - eventually not protected - area, don't break in their house and steal stuff. I guess its ok if you get some crops from their fields, as long as you replant them…
My experience is: ask players and they will share what they have; no need to steal. All players I encountered so far are very nice and like to help new player on the server.
Although this usually isn't an issue, should you ever get griefed, just tell a staff member and they can undo the griefing.

2. Why should i register at the forum?
- member rank: Help: Member Benefits
- set up to 5 home-points where you can teleport to at any time
- No waiting for teleports (prevents getting killed while "do not move"-period)
- More land claim area
easy exchange of information with other players and mods, even a chat, blogs; you can also create your own group (for example, to do projects with players)

3. Further Infos
- there is an afk-timer (i never idled so long though, cant tell you more)
- you can mine mob-spawner with silk touch (OP!!!)

So you survived the first nights. Time to get deeper into GawdScape: What else does it offer? What else can you do?

There is also a creative server. At the spawn point you find the commands how to switch. This guide is about the survival mode.

The server-owner and mods are always working on implementing/developing new helpful stuff (in-game money and trade-system for example).
You can always come up with your ideas or suggestions in the forum, your feedback helps them to make things better! (Suggestions Forum)

Don’t be shy and use the forum Marketplace! (Marketplace Forum)

Fast travel:
If you have a nether-portal, you can start building a tunnel to the spawn-point  nether-portal (nether coordinates: 0 / 81 / 0). Its planned to connect all our portals there.
Have to mention: I found out, many portals are at the nether equivalent of the Norfolk-region, so we eventually just connect Norfolk to spawn.
More about regions, see upcoming thread "gathering coordinates" and buildings (Builds Forum).

4. Useful commands
Use tab to complete commands or player names, or click a player's user name for a quick PM command.
/help -- In-game command help
/tpa <player> -- Request to teleport yourself to a player.
/tpahere <player> -- Request that a player teleport to you.
/back -- Teleports you back to the point before your last teleport
/sethome <name> -- Set a home teleport. Note: Use name "home", "home2", "home3" for short command.
/home <name> -- Teleports you to the home with that name.
/h -- Short command for "/home home"
/h2 -- Short command for "/home home2"
/h3 -- Short command for "/home home3"
/homes -- Lists all your homes.
/spawn -- Teleports you to the world spawn.
/globalspawn (/gs) -- Teleports you to main spawn point.
/serverspawn (/ss) -- Teleports you to the main spawn for that server.
/worldspawn (/ws) -- Teleports you to the spawn point for that world.
/namecolor -- Add color codes to your username.

Behind the scenes, people are working on a command-collection, work in progress!!
Chat channels are currently under construction.

LockettePro: Lock protection for Chests, Doors, Furnaces, etc...
To lock a door/chest simply place a sign on that block. It should automatically make it a private sign.
If you don't want a sign to become a lock, hold down the Shift key and Right Click.
If you need to change a sign after you placed it, simply right click the sign and use the command: /lock <line number> <player>
Sign Format:
<additional member 1>
<additional member 2>
<additional member 3>
Types of Signs:
[Private] -- Only the players listed on the sign can access/break the chest.
[More Users] -- Adds more users to a private chest. Just place on another side of the block.
[Everyone] -- Anyone can access the chest but not break it.

FenceProtect / WorldGuard: Land protection plugin
To claim land simply surround your house with fence and place a sign with the heading [LandClaim]
This will protect your house from griefers.
It is recommended that you also include a region name, or you claim will be named <Your Name>_<Claim #>
If you run out of claims or space, you can ask a staff member to claim your land for you.
Sign Format:
<region name>
<additional member 1>
<additional member 2>
Claim Commands:
/region info -- Display info about your land claim.
/region addmember <region name> <player> -- Adds another player to your claim.
/region removemember <region name> <player> -- Remove a player from your claim.
/region remove <region name> -- Delete you land claim.

5. Forum links for FAQs and other interesting links
Coming soon...

Feel free to post your feedback, help me to make this a better guide.
What else should be mentioned? Should i cut some text?  Smile  Further links etc.
Thanks for reading, looking forward to seeing you at the server!

Originally posted by G_Pompidou.

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