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Recruiting now :) // Brainstorm to a play style
<catchy name missing> As vanilla as possible, SecondLife, CubicLife, TheProject  ??any suggestions???

There is a TL : DR at the end..

My play style / the idea
Exploring the world / Sharing coordinates
The Aim
This is a brainstorm, trying to sort my thoughts, asking you for input about a „vision“ that i have. Also asking: do you want to be part of it?
It’s about a certain playstyle, which i would call „as vanilla as possible“.

People that play minecraft for years on big servers, eventually with many mods, playing huge mods like Tekkit, Project ozone... You wanna try new things, because you got bored with the normal Minecraft, you use teleporting, flying, pathfinding, minimaps and what else.. Over the years you get used to those comforting little helpers.
And then people start saying minecraft isn’t appealing anymore. They got bored. I want to try something “old” now.

I think ripping players of all those luxuries will make the game real hard (and slower) again. Down to earth let’s say. You have to find solutions to problems that you forgot about. And it will be our task, to find those solutions.

My playstyle / the idea:
Let’s try to go back to the roots. Resist to use the teleport option. We will find ways around teleporting (empty your inventory and die, respawn at your bed o0). Also see chapter: waypoints.
Important is also that we resist taking gifts from builders or mods. Better, they should resist to give stacks of something to us, or worse: things that we dont have yet...
  • Should we allow us 1-2 teleport/home points? Like: back to a big base to fill up supplies or so and the “back” option? Or just teleport to other players, so we are forced to communicate who is where and when online? “I gonna be at the base on Sunday evening, you can tp to me then..”.
  • Should we allow builders building houses/bases/waypoints for us, but leaving them empty so the interior is up to us?
No minimaps and pathfinding helpers, just f3 should be enough Smile
Basically “no mods”, texture packs are allowed ^^
  • any ideas from your side? Please let me know. Take the time and answer to the thread, leaving some of my lines and put your answer under them… very appreciated. I need feedback!!

Exploring the world / Sharing coordinates:
Exploring should be encouraged. We shouldn’t be afraid of sharing coordinates, even if some people that are not part of our group will fly there and mine spawners or kill dogs and so on. The world is so big ^^ If we recognize exploit, we can make the coords-sharing private Smile

It might also help new players to find a not-mined-out area. Or a specific nice landscape, that’s why I will post screenshots.

Sharing coords will help us to build some kind of infrastructure, a mind-map of the world.
  • Should we create ingame maps? Which scale should it be then? Keep copies somewhere etc.? Many questions to that topic.
  • I think there exists a program that can create a map of “all the created chunks”. Should we try to get that working?


For me a waypoint is a place that is clearly recognizable as such. Maybe a little tower, well lit up. Should be free to use for everyone, has certain basics in it (bed, chest, food, enderchest?).
Either just spread around somewhere, but also I would like to create them at certain coordinates, so it’s easier to find them. Like every 1000 blocks in a certain direction. Those might help us to travel faster and saver.

Ofc I would like to build huge castles, but I think at least at start it would be very hard to get the resources for that. In my opinion it’s enough to build them at certain coordinates and put many torches around (or lit up netherrack).
  • what should a waypoint contain? A little farm? Every 5000 blocks, build a huge one with enchanting table, huge farm and such?
  • distance between waypoints? Design? Interior?
  • Should we connect waypoints with JTs roads? Need to know more about the road thing, and which resources are needed, where to get em.. There might be also “tardises” for teleporting. But I am not sure yet if this is a good idea for that kind of playing…
  • Just horses at every waypoint and you bring your own saddle?
  • Trains (rather expensive for long distances), I would use em for certain things, like mob spawners or mesa to transport the clay).

I think its gonna be hard to transmit news within minecraft. On an other server we had a big wall where everyone put up signs. But this would mean we need to regularly return to the point, to be up to date. Which is a lot of time travelling, and I really want to expand our “territory”.

At waypoints or bases we can put up frames with written books with a little explanation of what you can find there or free-for-use at this base.
Suggestion:  we use the forum, dedicated threads that we check every time we play. The marketplace could be used to exchange info like “I am at a zombiespawner, I gonna return with stacks of rotten meat for our dogs,  you will find it –coords-”.
Use the calendar to let others know when you play, what you want to do that day.. "wither skeleton search at tuesday".

Because I don’t have that much active playing time, I can be useful, idling a lot and do little things in between, like planting seeds, killing mobs at a mobtrap and such. I can be the “farmer”.
Other people are good at building either wonderful houses or redstone stuff. I am willing to share my resources for community builds. Introduce yourself in the forum, tell us what kind of player you are!
There will also be the time where we all come together and kill the dragon or hunter wither skeletons! This would be a nice adventure to do together and plan.

To force myself to not get stuck at one base, farming only, I will try to get some advancements. Like the biome one will help me to go on exploration, trying to find them all Smile

The aim:
No real aim given. For me it will be “move away from your f.. base, go and see the world”, kill the ender dragon, live a while in the nether, ocean monument… In between idling and farming, transporting resources from a to b. Building railways?
Building a community of people that like to play like that and slowly advance to high tech and bigger nicer buildings. Slowly, because I like to fish and watch sunsets. I guess I’ll be playing 1-2 evenings per week for a longer period and drop in for a short time in between. Streaming my doing (progress??) on Wednesdays could also help us with the “communication” topic.  Someone else can record their doing?
  • Any aims you can think of?
TL : DR:
I want to play vanilla minecraft with people *smile*. Building a community with other players. Conquer the world, the nether and the end. Plan events like “blaze farming” or killing wither together. Long-term fun.
(I like MC, but I will not put my whole leisure time in it, at least not actively playing, that’s why I am also hoping for people that cant play that much either, so the helping out each other makes even more sense).
Please leave your feedback down there, use the answer option to quote different points marked with a big dot at start of line or the Exclamation . Just delete some text and leave the question there and write your answer to it Smile thx thx again

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