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G_Pompi Diary - new :)
Dont wanna write as much as last time.. This should be just a little info, about what i am doing on the server, plans and such.
I encourage everyone else, to also open a thread and update it from time to time, post some screenshots of your buildings and such. I am curious, i want to know what you are doing.

As always i started with a "basic base". Its nearby the spawn, so new players that want a faster start can equip themself with some food and crops.
There is also an enchanting table, but you have to bring your own lapiz.
You can use the looting-iron sword to get more meat from killing animals, but PLEASE put it back. I sometimes forget it too and have to run back then Smile
Album of screenshots from the base (work in progress):

Because of streaming, we can also welcome Danielp in the forum. I am looking forward to adventure with him hehe. We slowly gonna work our way to the dragon! And other challenges....

I also mined in that area below the base and a bit to the east. There are 2 canyons, in one i think is a SLIME chunk. And the other must contain a zombie spawner (which can provide rotten flesh for dogs, if we build a trap around it and if i find it):
Zombie attack:

End of entry
Was ill for almost 2 weeks and couldn’t play.

Should just build the things, not even trying to make it look nice… On the other hand… Smile *spends an hour on a storage building with a nice floor*
Finally have a nether portal, but leads to kakus gate and the outtrance is the gate at the north-west edge of spawn, directly ON the glowstone Smile

Plans: connecting danielp and me via nether, find a saddle, finish my railroad to storage building.
Pictures first:
Just some pics of what I did, found and discovered...

I went to the gold-mesa and unknownone helped me a lot, went exploring and marked "all the gold" there. Gold mesas are great for boost rails. Which i might use for some nether railways, lets see.
It was nice that kaku once joined in, watching my stream hehe. I showed him my buildings and what i did in the nether. Good that someone is watching me, i put a stack of potatoes in the egg thrower :o What a waste! Thx for warning me!

Also derfabaceous(twitch) (a real life friend) watched and made me have a look at the surrounding of the mesa. It seems i went there in a real gold fever, because i didn’t realise how beautiful it is. The mesa plateau with a view on nice snowy mountains and lamas. A river and a grassy plain nearby... AND also a swamp to gather slime, when the moon is right. It feels perfect to start a huge "perfect" base there.
I ll try to occupy it somehow hehe and should take a picture.
Nether work:
I wasted a lot of time in the nether because I wasn’t concentrated. Tried to finally mark the way to Daniel.. but got in the line of the path to the mesa. And now everything s messed up L I ll try to fix It later, but wont have the time for almost another week from today on.
The kaku if you read this, you can contact me in the forum, maybe we can make something happen together Tongue I am just “not ok with the nether” and also very slow it seems Big Grin
Today (Wednesday) is normally my stream day, starts around 2000-2100 met, but I really have no motivation Sad Feeling a bit sick and got some real life stuff to prep. So no stream today, but at least I finally updated the diary.

Request: Any other players, inform the community too about what youre doing! Post some screenshots, explain your plans etc. I really want to know whats going on at your places!
Time for another update:
Through streaming i found another 2 players (juliiiaan and ty"something"). Both speak german though. Starting to think about a "welcome thread in german".
Also most of the infos in the "welcome to new players"-thread dont seem to be up to date. What is with permissions  and commands? Rolleyes

I found a village and managed to revive it. Success! "just" needed some farming to feed the villager (about 2-3 were left), more doors, waiting, farming, feeding, more doors...
I am sure i wont be able (will be too lazy) to move some villagers to another location, like base00.. so have to find a solution how to get to the village fast (nether?). Coordinates will be posted in the coords-thread.

Apropos nether. Since last time i had some help and we have 2 paths now. Its not the nicest work, but i think everyone should be able to follow the stone blocks and signs. Today i ll try to find out more about how to get a good connection with that one village..  Allthough i dont have a real plan yet. For now it seems i am trying to link everything to the base00, but actually i soon want to start a huge place for myself and friends somehwere else.
The thought is, i dont want to tempt new players to just get everything from existing bases. Search your own Saddels, Netherwarts, colors etc.! But i am always open to give, trade and share if you ask for it.

Biggest thing: Will be a nether-pigman-xp-farm.. it says "simple", but ahm o0
Juliaan and i have the plan to make this monster come true on gawdscape. We started gathering some ressources, but i guess the real work might have to wait a bit. Either we can start first week of new year or if not --> start at February (i am 3 weeks absent in Jan).
Really looking forward to it. Will it ever work or be realized?
Everyone is welcomed to join in this project! Just write me PM...

aand here some pictures of juliiiaan and TY houses, landscapes etc.
I guess no one really "waited" for an update, but still: sorry for not saying a peep for a long time!

Biggest info: lawn and me finally did it! errr.. the breaking of the nether bedrock ofc Wink not what YOU thought.. tz

Progress on my side
Started a base at the top of the mesa. Its not the best area, but its beautiful. Here i will build storage rooms, brewing room and all those necessities. Either as huge building complex or just stand-alone buildings. Help welcome, if you want to contribute please ask me via forum or ingame. I d like to see the progress and learn from your building style!
More mesa work: connected a no-water-farm with a railway and startet a wide underground tunnel (2530/ 8 / -704). The tunnel will go just straight to north, following x 2530 at y8). I managed to die in the lava, so now also working on getting some good dia pickaxes for mining.
Breeding some llamas and expanding their ugly stall. Found out the chests have different sizes, should kill the llamas that provide just little capacity.. Sad

Nether Bedrock is broken!! One little hole and you can t build a railway up there, but its enough to start the pigmen-xp-farm (estimated building finish: March 2020).
345 / 122 / -137 is nearby the mesa-nether-gate. I also built a railway up there.

Server news:
As always i thought i just orientate myself after some time not playing and then do my things. Then i find out, we have new things on the server. Like commands and a bunch of buildings :0

I am not going into the commands, hoping we get more info from the responsible person Tongue I know, some commands are mentioned in the "welcome to gawdscape" thread, but there are so many new ones and i think most of them are for the moderators anyways. If i ever find the time, i might rewrite and shorten the intro thread and we make a stand-alone thread for the commands?!!

/sell : Cool is that i can empty my inventory AND make money now :Big Grin Its not according to my "as vanilla as can be" rule, but i might just start saving up some $ for later. /sell command

got also implemented. Warp is for server-wide for all users landmarks/building in my opinion?! Via warp i found the inside of the tardis, its really huuge and has an outrance into air (easy to fall to death xd).
Also found the town1 (9341 / 66 / -744), which is a building "masterpiece". well, its really nice lets say Smile

more important and appreciated: /helpop to message the online moderator, if help is needed.

Due to my gamestyle i will not use it, but its nice for others: /home /sethome and /tp are back!! How many homes can a member (to forum) have? 5 as in the past?

At the spawn: Hotel finished, a Pavillion and a map are here now! Map shows the surrounding of the spawn and the spawn area.

Added some coords to the coord-collection too!
End of update! Greetings!

EDIT: the SCREENSHOT ALBUM!! i forgot to post.. some pics for you guys

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