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not sure if bug. vanished obsidian :o
This happend yesterday, when i luckily was streaming.
Went into netherportal and back. Then my inventory was empty for a second.

And within 2 mins the obs vanished. Easier to see, than to explain:

I guess it was because i clicked the obs when that little lag happend. Next timed i am going to be more careful and not panic Wink

thx to galifrey who gave me a full stack for free then <3
Thanks for posting this bug report and including a video.
I will have to look into this but my first impressions on this bug would be that the server glitched out for a second when loading your inventory.
I am going to check for any server updates to see if that fixes the bug.
If this happens again please let me know as this is definitely a bug that should not happen.
I'm sorry for the bug and I'm glad Gallifrey was online to replace any lost items.

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