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An Update
Hello, Gawdscape! Happy New Year 2018! And oh boy, it's time for another rousing update! So, We've, as you all know, been in limbo for quite some time. Updating and fixing the server is taking so much time. V has been hard at work this past week attempting to get us caught up with our Permissions plugin, which will allow us to handle player ranking and groups. Last year was very difficult for both of us so I know updating has been very infrequent, which is frustrating for you guys. But we want you to know that through all of that, we are still trying to work together to bring you a wonderful minecraft experience. We're getting close to finally having our plugins ready to go, I am working diligently on the spawn, anyone who has seen it in the last few days will have noticed the tower is up. These things take time and inspiration to build, and that's why it's been taking so long. That, and not having a stable connection to the internet. We look forward to what 2018 has to offer us. I urge anyone still following us to invite your friends, have them invite theirs. We can return Gawdscape to the Golden Era again!
Hey hey, just saying in short: thank you for the information! Just today i was wondering if the /creative works or not. It doesnt.
If it would be just for me, i dont need those plugins, for me lockette is very good and enough Smile But the info about what is possible and what not is somehow missing. I just assume no one but mods has any rights to do anything?! (other then lockette).

Or are there any commands thta should work for everyone? Guys, you dont have to make it glamourous, just post your "we want to do/coming up" etc. info regulary in the forum? Dont overwork yourself, slow but steady, ok? Smile

Will the tower be used for something specific? Also: what are those 4-5 loooong houses in the spawn area, nearby the middle?

Btw. i tried the parcour and gosh.. :o i need to SEE that its possible. Someone write me pm when you have time to show Big Grin

Happy new Year! And i really wish you all its gonna be full of happiness!!

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