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Starving and server difficulty..
I thought the server is on "hard", but was always wondering about zombies not breaking doors (but also creepers dont dmg area, so i didnt think further).
Now I just found out i cant starve, which is a huge problem, because i am stuck on top of the nether bedrock :o
I will try to fix the problem myself, with help from other players (the natural way), but the question stays:
Which difficulty is this server? Smile
The server is set to hard difficulty. NPCs can't break blocks through such as creeper explosions, endermen griefing, and zombies breaking doors. NPCs can still kill players but won't damage their builds. Zombies should be able to break down doors if you don't have a lock sign on the door and if your house isn't claimed / land protected.
As for starving, that should still happen normally. There might be a bug in the server if you can't starve yourself. I'll need to look into that.
I can help you get back home if you're stuck in the nether. How did you get stuck above the bedrock?
Oh, i didnt think of that enderman stealing blocks thing yet. Sigh. I really understand why its turned off, but personally i like to have all the "difficulty" there is Smile Never happened yet, that a zombie broke a door. Maybe it just doesnt happen that often.

Hunger: To me it looks like its on normal, because i lost half my hearts and now it stays there.
Stuck: tried to do this to be able to build a huge pigman-xp-farm. Also to test my abilities Big Grin Juliiiaan had the idea and i never was up there. I managed to get up there, but then i messed up and now i am missing tnt to break the bedrock...

Now that i think about it, not sure if this is even needed for the pigfarm. But its something i didnt do in minecraft. And this time i wanted to dare more then just building a house and farm Smile
With some luck someone can gather some gunpowder and bring me some TNT so i can finish the breaking. I wouldnt like to be tp ed out there.
Maybe give me "today" and if we cant fix it, i ll ask you next days to tp me.
Special situation too, gonna be on "vacation" soon, not sure about having internet and being able to play.. so i might allow a tp.

Aunt Edith says:
Was able to give "the Breaking" another chance and seems i messed up again. And because of above mentioned special circumstances I used the freshly implemented /spawn. I am not proud Sad You could say i tried to cheat MC, instead it cheated/betrayed me Big Grin and then i had to really cheat to help myself out. sigh
I checked the config files and it turns out the server was on easy, the server is now on hard difficulty.
hihi. that explains why i only died 2-3 times before i tried that nether thing Big Grin

wah. thats gonna be tough now... but i like it like that and also just mentioning again: creeper damage!! Big Grin

as i mentioned, i am not home until february. i hope i can play maybe once or twice on this slow laptop. planting some crops or so should be possible...

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