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Pigmen XP Gold Farm
more or less for me, to gather all the info together at one place.  
Also to communicate the progress. Atm Juliaan and Buckz said they d like to build this...
Hole in the nether bedrock: 345 / 122 / -137   (you need to elevate yourself with blocks and then destroy them to get down again, room for improvement here).

Material: some is gathered at the Mesa-Nether-Gate overworld in 2 chests and at base00 on the roof. Most of the building blocks (stone, netherrack..) is gathered. Also about half of the glass is ready.

netto inventory is full inv without the fast access bar:
We need about:
5707 building blocks          90 Stacks          3,3 Inventory(netto)
2457 glass blocks            38 Stacks            1,4 Inventory(netto)
486 torches                  7,5 Stacks
56 anvils (optional, can be replaced by normal blocks)
96 iron blocks 3,5 Inventory
96 minecarts 53 Blocks Iron
12 name tags Juliaan? Trading with villager?
27 trapdoors
16 slabs
12 stairs
4 hoppers (storage system not included)
4 hopper minecarts
4 rails
4 carpets
24 pumpkins

temporary: pistons, power source, more rails, more building blocks
i can provide pumpkins Smile
weeeell Big Grin
atm i am working on a little village for villager that i then will use for an iron golem farm. i think this is still the "fastest" way to get the iron we will need.

also the first ring that i did, is a bit off (the inner circle ofc needs to be smaller then the outer circle damn Big Grin) and i need to correct that. are you interessted in building eventually? if i give you material?
there would be so much to do, but because i dont play so often its hard to coordinate us. o0

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