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Golem-Farm (King James/G.Pompi)
I am openend this thread now, so we can communicate here, without having to wait for a chance to meet by coincidence in the game.

Because you are the more advanced player: do you know any good proofed designs for a golem farm? Could you please post a YT vid?

I should be able to put some more time in the game, at least in between for gathering some ressources and such... (thats my hope at least hehe).

Looking forward to do this project and hearing from you! Wink
here: <- for a big golem farm, very complex

or you could just go with the typical design
i d rather go with an easy one for the start. as it is my first golem farm ever Smile going to have a look into the video.
Trying to get some minecraft time on Sun/Monday evening i hope! I will then work on that village in the mesa.


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