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Everything is gone?
Just writing here now. Didnt find time to answer your mail yet.
Its just.. i started playing, had fields, ressources, animals.. and now someone (you?) just resets the server??
I get, if you want to change something to the better (allthough i liked it as it was), but then I rather not play here and just wait until i get an info about "everythings done you can play now"-msg. Its annoying/frustrating to start all over again. .. Sad

You wrote the server is beta, but i didnt think of the possibility of a reset, and i am a bit shocked now, allthough i just started, but still, some hours already went in there.

Also you can del my other thread here about "cant join server".. its solved.
Hello, sorry about the world reset. I was changing the world seed and remaking the spawn. This will be the last world reset.
I can copy over your stuff to the new world, just let me know where you made your house.
hmmm. last reset you say? i just said today, "i am not sure if i can take another reset in a month or so, if i would start again now".. Smile desperation level over 9000 or so..

however. thx for your response. for those things it would be nice to at least have little note/msg at the forum in advance. i am aware of me being the only user right now, but still, some "order" would be nice.

Not sure what you mean with home. The dirt hut and the little house near the spawn on old world? because i didnt start anything on the new world.
I guess you cant copy the fields and the few animals that i had? There was a little house right next to the hub, outside of the jungle to the north... thats where those things are.
I dont have the coords for that, because it was easy findable. Dirthut was at 161, 68, -91 i believe. Not much there though.

Thankfully it wasnt that much, i took it slow.
So thx again for reply. Its late here. Gonna sleep and eventually "restart" my adventure on wednesday then. yeah hurraj bravo rof

P.S. what changes at the seed? or just "remake". Also gonna start that poll and other diskussions about the server hehe Smile hope any possible changes wont force us to redo the world then

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