Poll: Are you interested in joining a GawdScape D&D campaign?
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GawdScape D&D
Hello everyone, recently I have been watching TeamFourStar play Dungeons and Dragons every week and that has inspired me to try playing D&D for myself.
I have never played D&D myself and don't know too much about it other than what I've seen from the TFS streams, but it seems like it could be some fun and I'd like to try playing it sometime in my life.

So.. I am wondering if anyone would be interested in getting together and starting a GawdScape D&D campaign.
We would probably play 1-3 times a month depending on who all is interested and how available everyone is.
We would most likely use Discord for chat and probably Roll20.net for the game play, unless someone has a better site or way to play.
If anyone else would be interested in trying this out please vote on the poll and then we can further plan things out and get our campaign started.

If you aren't really sure what D&D is about I'd recommend watching a few episodes of TFS At the Table to get an idea of what it's like, they do a great job of making each episode interesting and entertaining.
Here's a link to their YouTube playlist: TFS At the Table
Thats a great idea, but i dont have the time and 1-3 times per weeks seems too much Big Grin Time to learn it also and such...

For real, it will make it hard to find people that can play at every of those days. Its like organising a party and 1/3 of people already having plans for those days or are otherwise somehow busy then...

Roleplaying is a real cool thing! Hope you find a good master and have a good time when you start! Keep us updated on the progress?
Sorry that was supposed to be per month not week.
I'm thinking we could meet up about 2 times a month and have a 2 hour game every other week.
This is subject to change as we find more players though.
I'll update the post with more info as we finalize things.
Alright Everyone! The Doctor here, once again. I am currently in the process of making a .zip folder with the D and D essential books, We are running 3.5 edition. I will be DMing this game. I have a truly delightful story planned for those of you who join, however, as this is my first time DMing proper, I am going to be placing a limit on group size down to between 5-6. I am capable of running with 2-3 just fine, more people can join in later. I will allow level scaling so new players can jump right into the action. My days off are wednesday and sunday. We will use Roll20.net for gameplay, and Discord for Chat, as V stated earlier, And I will strongly suggest all players also be using skype for note passing in game. I have high hopes that this game will be a lot of fun for all of those involved. I know people are in different time zones. All times posted about gameplay will be in EST, so as to give clarity for those playing in other zones. 

Let's make this the best D and D game around. I would also like to set up a Youtube channel dedicated to streaming our game. I will be collaborating with CoolV to make sure this happens. I look forward to gaming with all of you, And I will speak to you soon!

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