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Just for info. Playtime <-> not playing
Not saying i lost motivation, but its hard to keep motivated when you play MC about 2-3 hours a week or even less.
I really would like to dig in more. I still have the dream of finding people that dont have that much time to play too, build a community. conquer that world..

However: last wednesday i had a nice TheSettlersII session with a friend, thats why i wasnt there, as i promised. I promised myself and the non existent viewers of my stream to stream MC on wednesdays.
Starting to think, maybe i shouldnt be so strict to myself, so it will be more fun too Big Grin

I will not be here this week again. There needs to be a full gawd-day soon. Updating some coordinates, convincing myself to share the stream-link o0, working on the village and and and...

cu guys. keep active!!
Well depending on your religion, most people often dedicate Sundays as their Gawd day. LOL

On a more serious note, I do like this idea and I think that this could be a good idea.
I usually am off on Wednesdays so I am able to come on all day then.
We can work out a day that works best for everyone and we can declare that as our Gawd day.
hihi. that would be nice. atm i really lost track of my minecraft stuff.. its so abandoned :o but i do make progress on other things.
unfortunatly a presentation-video of some marbeling i did got already deleted by twitch,before i could put it to YT.
nvm. give me 2 weeks more to sort some things out Smile

i think the forum is such a great place to coordinate, talk and plan.. we should keep that up at least Smile
our KingJames is still busy it seems, good so!
also i saw snowygod (is that also slushgod from the older gawd?) is now in the forum.

i smiled, reading your joke Smile !
We need to check timezones too, because i mostly play it in the evening middle eu time then (7-11 pm)

cu somewhere!! Big Grin some time

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