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Ban appeal
I’ve been banned for scamming which is totally unfair, and let me explain why. 
1. I didn’t scam anyone, I wasn’t gonna take his token I was saying it as a joke.
2. There are no rules on the server, so how is anyone supposed to know.
3. The rules don’t say anything about pranks/jokes and nothing about scamming.
And before you say “fine you weren’t scamming you were trolling.” WRONG! Trolling is meant to start an argument so I DEFINITELY DID NOT. So therefore I did not break any server rules, and there was no admin online to telling to stop with my joke/prank.
You have been unbanned.

Please make sure that who ever you're playing a joke on know it's a joke.
Otherwise, extortion is considered stealing/scamming and is a ban-able offense.

For future reference, the server rules can be found here:

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