Poll: Creepers should blow up area?
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Creeper explosion // Forum Sections
Not sure if am in the right sub-sector... if not sry, and please move!

Creepers should blow up blocks again!

Allthough i know about the "problems" with having creepers blowing (willingly..) things up and eventually creating an area full of holes.. i would like to have the area-dmg back.
If this will happen, we should add a "please repair creeper holes"-rule or so (open to discussion, how to handle this). Like filling up or covering with dirt and a torch under it, so nothing spawns and grawls all the time.

If its easy to change, the "builders" like jfinity could turn it off as long as they are online and building, and when done on again? So they can build their awesome stuff undisturbed, still having to secure the area with light and fence/wall for later. So that we dont blow up the racing-road and such. Rolleyes

Forum sections
As long as there are not more then 100 ppl constantly posting, reducing some sectors will make the list shorter and thus more clear/neat?!
staff and donation - could be reduced to each one thread, having the former 3 single threads as a sticky?

Also the players area? but then i would change the headline to "player center / offense, report player, land claim", so new players can easy find those topics.
Maybe its just a pain in the eye to me, seeing about 5 sections, each with at least 3 empty threads?
Its a good structure though. I just dont know, how it will look like, when we start additional threads? Will they show up at the front page too? Or is the plan, that the players post threads in the threads??  Huh 
This is just thinking for the future, if we can manage to make gawdscape a crowed place Smile

If i would use my time for mining instead of typing, i would be rich already :Big Grin
Not sure how the poll thing works for the creeper thing..

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