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Spawn Additions
In light of the release of 1.13, I have been rushing to add in photos from the Evanescence and Lindsey Stirling Concert I went to a few weeks back. Some of you may have noticed major additions at Spawn in recent days. I've been putting in quite a few hours trying to fill in the Spawn and make it as beautiful for you guys as I can. There is now a mansion in the southeast corner of spawn, And that is where I've chosen to put most of my photos. I also have one of me with Amy Lee out in the Northwest corner. I also re-added the Pagoda and the Bathhouse from 1.11. I'm also working on a secret project (albeit very slowly, as it's personal and I get very little time for that ^_^;; ) But, I'm looking forward to crafting with you all in the near future. Keep an eye out for more updates!
I hope i ll find the time to have a look around. It feels like ages, that i didnt visit my place Sad
Maybe its also because, its summer, people are more outside then sitting in front of the computer. I wanted to go online to breed some villagers (idle time).

Great that we are still "at it" Smile

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