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Winter Update
Hello, all. GallifreyRises here with another update. Spawn is beginning it's final phases for general completion. I still have some other big plans working for it, but as of now, it's roughly 75% done. I would also like to take the time to inform all of you that as of last saturday, I will now be personally handling 100% of the in-game server management. I will try to allocate time during the day to be around for your needs. CoolV1994 has chosen to move to a more "Behind the Scenes" Role with Gawdscape, as he is the only programmer actively working on the code for our features. As our work schedules have been very demanding, we do realize that updates are coming very slowly. I am going to begin trying to put together a team of coders to help us with this monumental task. CoolV has a certain standard he wants maintained, so training will be handled by him, when the time comes, or, if you've already had some ideas and/or have some homework done already, Feel free to send me a message. I am on Discord as TheDoctor on the GawdScape channel, and I do occasionally stream other games, such as Halo 2 (Feat. LexLexiMC as my personal spartan punching bag, with occasional appearances by CoolV), Fallout 4, Brawlhalla, as well as Minecraft. I am hoping to add more games to that arsenal as we build up the GawdTech gaming community. As always, you can follow Mathyno on Twitch, as he has a very eclectic gaming selection, and streams regularly. I would like to apologize for the slowness of the builds, as I've had a LOOOOOOT happen this year. I won't go into it here, but I have dealt with a great deal of loss. I'm looking forward to lifting my spirits with you guys as we continue crafting on. I do not have a projected date for the 1.13 update yet, but I'm hoping that will be here soon. Again, if we can start getting some coders familiar with Java and Minecraft scripts, that would be absolutely phenomenal.

Happy Crafting, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year from your friends at GawdTech.

P.S. There's a nifty new tunnel and tower at the southwest corner of spawn. Tower isn't ready to be explored yet as I was building it last night, but the outside framework IS done, and ready for your viewing pleasure.

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